What people have to say about me...
Kris is one of the hardest workers I know. But what impressed me from the beginning—and continues to impress me about her—is that for all her years of experience, she is continually open to learning new ways of doing things, implementing new solutions to problems, and is often the innovator of those solutions. Kris was already one of the best I'd known when I met her in 2004. Her desire to grow, learn, and expand in both her technical and design knowledge continue to make her the best. I can't recommend her highly enough."
          —Charles Plummer, Director of Graphic Design at Allen Communications

"Honestly, how many meetings have I had in which the question was asked, "Can Kris do this?" That's because she is eminently competent, a person that knows how to use every relevant software application—and use it correctly. She also sets the standard for hard work and dedication. If, by chance, you leave work AFTER Kris, then you know you've had a very LOOOOONG day. Because Kris does not settle for mediocrity. She gets it done, and done right. When employers dream of the perfect employee, they dream of Kris."
            —Brooks Briggs, Vital Smarts

"Kris is an accomplished designer with fantastic Photoshop skills. She was lead designer on important accounts at DSW. I trusted her to translate the creative vision for our pickiest clients. Both the marketing and creative staff wanted Kris work on their accounts because of her work ethic and positive attitude. She has freelanced for me at my current position as well."
        —Mare Brixie, Creative and Production Director

"Kris is great to work with. Always striving for the highest quality work. I would recommend her to anyone."
          —David Zwicky, Creative Lead, McCann Erickson Salt Lake City

"Kris is talented, experienced and dedicated. When deadlines are tough, everyone can count on her to get the job done. Her great work ethic is matched by her skill and great attitude, making her an invaluable asset to the creative department on all levels."
          —Kristen Marie Maxwell, Freelance Senior Writer & Content Strategist

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